Ukhubari(Purthok) Clean Drinking Water Project

Ukhubari is most remote parts of the Chyangli VDC. It is situated around 900 meter altitude. Mainly Gurung and Magar ethnic groups’ people lived here. It takes 3 to 4hrs walking distance from Prithivi Highway (Highway of Kathmndu to Pokhara). About 90 households (HHs) and a Purthok Primary school is here. It is linked very rough route of tractor. But it is so challenging to ride a bike and tractor. Mainly 7 KM distance is so challenging to ride a bike and it takes an hour. It is called Purthok as well.

NHHO successes a clean drinking water project for Purthok/Ukhubari. We collect some money (very small amount) from stakeholders and school for transportation and plumbing charges and for hiring the skill men for cement works as well. There are two ground sources of water. Here is no big source of water and we constructed a water reservoir tank (RBT)   near the water sources. There are two RBTs here and one supporting plastic tank in the middle part of the mainline of the water supply. The water sources altitude is 765 meter and we supply in 900 meter altitude for distribution. Most of the houses and school are situated below than 900 meter altitude. It is so beautiful place to see Himalayas and famous for orange farming. It means, the total distance between water source and supply is 750 meter and head is 135 meter. There are two Submersible water pumps. One is heavy one and second one is medium. Heavy pump lifts the water from 765 meter to 865 meter altitude and second pump lifts water to 900 meter altitude. It is a lifting clean drinking water project. Now, women and small children are very happy because they must not to need to lose their effort and time for fetching water. Before the project every women had to carry more than 150 liter water every day.  It means they had to spend not less than 4 hrs times for fetching the water to fulfill their daily requirement of water. There are two Submersible water pumps and one of them 7 KW and another is 5 KW respectively. Project also extended necessary three phase electricity line as well.

The water flow capacity is 2,000 liter per hour and in average every HH (household) require 200 liter water per day. And school needs around 2,000 liter per day. So it needs at least 4 hours water pump must be operate to fulfill the daily requirement of the water. People of Ukhubari kept aim to supply water pipe line house to house and to fit water meter from their personal budget. These project has three  water tanks respectively 15,000 liter  at the water source, 500 liter plastic tank in the middle part of the mainline and 10,000 liter capacity tank at the water  distribution point. First tank situated in the 765 meter, second one in 865 meters and last water distribution tank is in 900 meter altitude.
So, 350 school children and 90 HHs( in the average 6 people in one family or 540 people) are directly benefited from the project.

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