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Nepalese Humanitarian Help Organisation (NHHO) is solely a non- profitable, non- governmental social organiastion which has been launching its various programs and activities basically on the rural areas of the country right form its inception / establishment in 2004 AD. The success and experience we have gained through short span of time till now will as a true path finder and lead us to a wider and better future. NHHO has studied and addressed the genuine problems of grass root and come up with their resolutions.

It has expanded its activities to various government / public schools and rural people by providing the pure drinking water facility, expanding the agro- road for the overall development of agriculture, establishment of micro-libraries in different public schools, and others. Similarly, it has been focusing its activities for the protection of child rights, women rights, management of educational aids especially for the school children of marginalized community, environment related and various humanitarian activities.

WE are really grateful to all the well wishers, donor organizations, who directly or indirectly bestowed their trust on our capacity, commitment and faith. Apart, we hope / expect the continuation of the same on fourth coming days as well.



Current News

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