Previous Projects

Deep tube well construction project:

Project supported by Australian embassy (DAP program) in 2005 and more than 60 different families of Kumal ethnic community are directly befitted in chyangli VDC. Ward no.8 and 9.

Clean drinking water project:
Project supported by German Embassy, Kathmandu (small grant project) in 2005.From this project Jeevan Jyoti Higher secondary School and Marshayandhi Primary school of Chayangli VDC are directly benefited.

Village Agriculture and Small Culverts Construction Project:

This Project supplied by Australian Embassy (DAP-support in 2005 and 2006 AD),Chayangli, Gaikhur, Paluntar and Dhuwakot VDCs people are directly benefited. It made accessible for villagers to link with market for their agricultural products.

Small Library support program:

This program supported by German Embassy, Kathmandu (small grant project) in 2006 for different six public educational institutions. More than 8,000 students are directly benefited from Gorkha, Tanahun and Lamjung.

Clean drink water project:
This project supported by German Embassy (Small grant project) in 2007.From this project more than 70 different  families  of Gurung community of Kuwadi, Bandipur,Tanahun and Trivini Lower secondary school of Mirkot of Gorkha are directly benefited.

Micro Irrigation and clean drinking water project:
Project supported by Japanese Embassy (ODA-support) in 2009 for Gurungs Community of Gurungtar,Bandipur,Tanahun.The total grant was 48,752 US$ and more than 400 different families are directly benefited from this project. The Japanese delegation team visited the project areas (PAS) on 3rd February 2012 for micro level Supervision and monitoring sustaining the project.  

Current News

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